Events calendar in Atlanta on January 16, 2017


A Goodly Commodity: Shakespeare in Popular Culture

Mickey and Minnie go Romeo and Juliet. What might seem a kind of a blasphemy to some may as well appear...
Robert W. Woodruff Library

A Lens on CDC: Photographs of Jim Gathany

Even a mosquito bearing a deadly virus may appear a model for a work of art when shot through the powerful...
David J. Sencer CDC Museum

Still Raising Hell: The Art, Activism, and Archives of Camille Billops and James V. Hatch

A treasure trove of African American legacy collected over the course of fifty years is donated to Emory...
Robert W. Woodruff Library

Living Walls

Living Walls began as a street art conference, set out to speak about city problems, not just paint walls....
Various venues