Exhibitions in Atlanta


Flashback: Atlanta in the 70s, The Photography of Boyd Lewis

Atlanta in the 70s could be described as a place of great political changes and social unrest that ...
Margaret Mitchell House
Painting & graphic art

65 Years of Chasing Sunlight: The Art of Merrill Mahaffey

The works by Merrill Mahaffey unravel a mystery in contrasts of light and shadow on Grand Canyon and along ...
Booth Western Art Museum

Arbus, Avedon, and Winogrand: Photographs from the Collection

These three groundbreaking masters belonged to one and the same generation and in big part shaped the ...
High Museum of Art
History & figures

To Care for Others: 100 Years of Nursing at Emory

This exhibition educates about and pays due respect to Emory nurses. Through the documents and artifacts, ...
Robert W. Woodruff Library
Contemporary art, Sculpture

Driving Forces: Sculpture by Lin Emery

Kinetic art is prompted by the kinetic life of its author. Lin Emery's sculptures express her ever-moving ...
Georgia Museum of Art

Living Walls

Living Walls began as a street art conference, set out to speak about city problems, not just paint walls. ...
Various venues