Exhibitions in Atlanta

Belleek Porcelain from the Collection of Linda N. Beard

Georgia Museum of Art is housing a Belleek Porcelain collection, part of the Linda N. Beard collection.
Georgia Museum of Art

Paul Stephen Benjamin: “Black is the Color”

The 2014 installation is made of salvaged TVs showing Nina Simone singing one song, and delays between...
High Museum of Art

Woven Whimsy: Stickworks by Patrick Dougherty

Artworks the others can watch in the process of creation and even take part in it. Large-scale pieces...
Atlanta Botanical Garden

“Tied Up At Home”: A Collaborative Exhibition

The artist William Mize curates an exhibition of his works along with Wihro Kim and Stacie Rose, an...
Blue Mark Studios

Living Walls

Living Walls began as a street art conference, set out to speak about city problems, not just paint walls....
Various venues