Exhibitions in Atlanta

Painting & graphic art

65 Years of Chasing Sunlight: The Art of Merrill Mahaffey

The works by Merrill Mahaffey unravel a mystery in contrasts of light and shadow on Grand Canyon and along...
Booth Western Art Museum

Arbus, Avedon, and Winogrand: Photographs from the Collection

These three groundbreaking masters belonged to one and the same generation and in big part shaped the...
High Museum of Art
History & figures

A Goodly Commodity: Shakespeare in Popular Culture

Mickey and Minnie go Romeo and Juliet. What might seem a kind of a blasphemy to some may as well appear...
Robert W. Woodruff Library
Contemporary art, Sculpture

Driving Forces: Sculpture by Lin Emery

Kinetic art is prompted by the kinetic life of its author. Lin Emery's sculptures express her ever-moving...
Georgia Museum of Art
Applied art, Contemporary art,

Woven Whimsy: Stickworks by Patrick Dougherty

Artworks the others can watch in the process of creation and even take part in it. Large-scale pieces...
Atlanta Botanical Garden

Living Walls

Living Walls began as a street art conference, set out to speak about city problems, not just paint walls....
Various venues