Blue Heron Park

A native land of quiet ponds, woods and, of course, herons.


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Photo by Blue Heron Waterfront Holiday Park
Photo by NYC Parks
Photo by CVRD

If you see a hand-sculpted blue heron greeting you at the entrance of some marvelous green space, be sure, that you’ve reached the destination – you’re at the Blue Heron Park.

That’s a wonderful place for everyone who needs serenity and tranquility, some hours to spend alone with nature. Easily navigated trails are created just for you to feel safe and quiet in this lovely wild place.

Clean and innocent, this Park represents an unusual case of an awesome space of enshrined nature full of animals, lovely plants and endless peace. Moreover, Blue Heron Park is a unique educational platform thanks to an abundance of wildlife.

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Address of Blue Heron Park
Amboy Rd, Staten Island, NY 10312

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  • Parks
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