Claremont Park

A perfect place for the young and the old. An oasis in a busy city, Claremont Park welcomes everyone for a picnic or a walk.


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Claremont Park, originally Morris family estate, has been always praised for its landscape design. At the beginning of the 20th century the first playgrounds were constructed in this area. Swings, sand boxes, and basketball grounds made the place attractive for children of different age groups. Some decades after the place was modernized, new benches, changing rooms and an outdoor pool were installed.

In Claremont Park New Yorkers may hide from the heat in the shadow of the trees or to refresh by swimming in the pool. Children will have fun at the playgrounds, while their parents will enjoy the fantastic view. Also, it is a perfect place both for a picnic and for a birthday party. Though Claremont Park is one of the oldest parks in New York, it still holds the leading position among green areas of the Bronx and other boroughs.

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Clay Ave., Anthony Ave. bet. Mount Eden Pkwy. and E. 170 St, Bronx, NY 10456

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