Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill (Frying Pan)

The charm of Pier Maritime 66 Bar & Grill lies on three main points: location, history, atmosphere. This seasonal spot is highly recommended for those who never gets tired of watching New York skyline.


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Veggie burger, garlic fries, and a shrimp sandwich
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Within Hudson River Park, on Pier 66, just three blocks north of Chelsea Piers, after sailing for 50 years and salvaged from 3 years under water, the legendary Lightship Frying Pan has found its final "home". Right to its side the railroad barge is docked, accommodating one of the most appealing open air bars in the city — Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill.

The venue presents an assemblage of the number of constructions: the Bar itself, which used to be Lackawanna railroad barge, The Frying Pan, a historic rail float bridge, and an old 1900′s caboose. You are free to get acquainted with every inch of it, taking pictures with a breathtaking backdrop. As to the food and beverages, this beautiful outdoor restaurant contains a bar full of drinks and serves tasty meals and crafted beer.

Standing on its deck one can capture the stunning views of Lower Manhattan and Jersey City, that's why sundown hour is the best time to visit the spot.

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Address of Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill (Frying Pan)
207 12th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Closest subway
34 St - Hudson Yards

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