Al Smith's Midtown Jam Session

“Jam” is one of the most wonderful phenomena that has been shaped within North American music. Any proper jam is a miracle of soul mates cooking as a tightly knit band even if they have never met before. And a righteous stage seems to be half of the recipe.

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The Apache Café is proud of its unique position as an adventurous multipurpose venue where the visitors can anticipate almost anything. A hard-to-find spot only shows up to those who share the passion for art in its numerous shapes and artsy pastime in unexpected companies. Here, each night of the week brings a new experience.

But Wednesday has for the latest 13 years been saved for a very special Al Smith's Midtown Jam Session. It brings together the cream of the Atlantan jazz, rhythm-n-blues and soul performers and the beginner vocalists and instrumentalists. Any artist can sign up to sit in with the house band helmeted by the keyboardist Al Smith. Cheered by the friendly atmosphere with no competition, the newbies may deliver a classy performance just like the pros do in front of the audience where producers and artists can be found. For some participants, a jam at the Apache Café puts a start to a career alongside the international stars.

Both originals and covers are welcome. The Jam Session may appear a dress rehearsing of a band's repertory, a debut performance of some fresh stuff or just a laid back jam. Anyway, discoveries and new connections happen there every now and then — perhaps the best thing a jam can result in.

Door time & vocalist sign up: 9:00 pm.

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from January 6, 2016
Wed 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.
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Address of Apache Cafe
64 3rd St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30308-1035

Additional information

Music styles
  • Jazz and blues
  • R&B
$6 – $10
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