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It all started when one of them had an idea to run a show as The Twilight Zone episode. They're kicking off with one based on the Living Doll episode.

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They say they’ve got a show based on ten episodes in the works. Perhaps not as popular overseas, the show was a cult classic on American TV, and all over the world the expression “twilight zone” exists (although the expression came first, we guess).

The first show is based on a scary episode about a couple who finally get what they wanted the most — a child, and she gets her own wish, namely a doll who can do anything to keep her happy, including murder. That’s so you get the idea what to expect.

Over the summer, they plan to put out ones based on The Hitchhiker, The Good Life and Terror at 20,000 Feet. The theater blogger claims the voice of Rod Serling the host still haunts him as his sister used to scare him as they watched the episodes. Now they’ll use improv to banish the ghosts.

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from June 4, 2016
Sat 10:30 p.m.
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Address of Whole World Improv Theatre
1216 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30309

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Theater genre
  • Experimental theatre
$15 – $17
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