Decatur: the Best Places to Eat Around

Eating out has become a whole trend years and years back, if not centuries. With so many restaurants, cafes, food stands, bistros and bars, pubs and BBQs you never have to worry where to stop to grab a quick snack or have a full-range meal. Here in Decatur, you can find more than a hundred spots of all sorts, shapes and sizes, for all prices and menus that you fancy. We've narrowed that stash to the top 16, and this list has everything from juice and salad bars to Italian-style pizza parlors. Fancy restaurants, brightly lit cafes and dimly glowing pubs and bars; all are here, you just have to wonder around, drop in and see whether it's the right place. We all know how incredibly spoiled our minds and stomachs can be: one day it's all things Italian, and even the Moon looks like a pizza, the next it's everything but. Don't you worry, even if you are extremely picky, you'll always find something that will take your fancy. And now, enough chit-chat, let's get down to business — the food waits for no man, as the saying goes.


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