Sleep is for the Weak: the Best of Atlanta Nightlife

Hey ya all, night-lovers, night-livers, and all sleepless souls, all you midnight owls out there! This darkness-infused and nighttime based review is all about the life you love — the night life, its many faces, places and spots, its bars and clubs, lounges and dance clubs, everything that makes the darkest of nights shine brighter than the brightest day. We'll be sharing many a secret here, so if you wanna get out and stroll through the city at night after reading our review, and explore the place on your own, you're most welcome.

ATL has as many distractions as any other spacious city in the US, but here the variety is surprisingly diverse: you can easily find a bar, tavern or a lounge suitable and appropriate just for you. There are places here that correspond with artistic people, who come here to write poetry and ponder life's ways, and there are other, that are perfect for retro lovers. For the active and dynamic, the city offers a wide range of night clubs, dance clubs and midnight bars where music and alcohol flow endlessly like great American rivers. The choice is yours, good luck, and have a fab time!


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