The Fox Theatre

A true gem of Atlanta valued extremely highly all over the States both as a cultural institution and an architectural object. A place dear to many city residents and visitors for granting them the unforgettable “Fox Experience”.

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Fox Theatre's exotic “Oriental” design must have predicted its fate as a magic palace. Or it may have been the local Shriners' original concept when they started building themselves a headquarter back in 1928. The original project combined traits of Ancient Egyptian and Muslim architecture and ornate design to fit the Shriners' stature making the building a natural eye attraction.

Without serving its original purpose a single day, the building was leased to become a “movie palace”. What followed during the next five decades was a magic carpet ride over moody mass culture reality: movies, concerts, dance hall nights, ceremonies, extreme popularity, decline, lingering... And a hand-made miracle of rescue by the grateful Atlanta residents who had already owed Fox Theatre countless movie premieres, parties, dates, first kisses, weddings and what not.

By now, the lovingly called “Fabulous Fox” is an undisputable treasure of Atlanta and a country-scale cultural phenomenon. 4,665 seat capacity; over 200 performances a year (live music, movies, theatrical shows, etc.); Billboard Magazine 2009 recognition as a venue of the decade; home to Fox Theatre Institute—an initiative supporting independent theatres throughout the country. Figures and titles are a pale shade of the meaning this outlandish “1001 Night” palace has for multitudes of those who at least once had that unique Fox Experience.

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Address of The Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

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404.881.2100 Tickets 855.285.8499
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