Movie Trivia @ Videology

Ready, steady, go! Movie Trivia will make you sweat while trying to remember in which movie you've heard 'Luke, I am your father'. Oh come on, of course, we are kidding, even our neighbors’ dog knows this one. But you definitely should revise your Nicholas Cage quotes handbook, just in case.

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Alright, movie geeks, get ready! Ages of hard work are going to finally pay off! Move Trivia will make you thank every movie you've ever seen (and blame every single one you've missed).

Consider yourself Bruce Willis, James Bond or Katniss Everdeen on a mission to save the world. 6 rounds of incredibly tricky and tough movie trivia will challenge every single brain cell you have. Clips, quotes, taglines and dramatic scene recreations—oh, the night will be hot.

Now you have an official permission to move down to Netflix and kick out your friends out of the room under the excuse that you need to practice. Hang on a minute, on the second thought, practice with your friends because you'll need their support, brains, and knowledge in your race to success!

The winning team gets a round of free drinks and the never-ending feeling of achieving something of a worldwide importance.

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year-round Tue 8:30 p.m.


Address of Videology Bar & Cinema
308 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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