Sopranos Sites Tour

Get a “shakedown” on a trip through Sopranoland

An awesome guided Sopranos Sites Tour will take you through the most recognisable places, sights and spots from the legendary “The Sopranos” show. See where Tony Soprano and his mafia fellows spent their days and nights. Visit the Bada Bing, Muffler Man, Pizzaland and 40 other locations featured in this hit TV show.

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Famous American criminal drama TV-series created by David Chase has gained its wide popularity due to radically new approach of showing life of mafia members, American family values, problems of Italian community in USA, influences of cruelty to human spirit, borders of socially constructed understanding of morality.

Unique way to have real experience of The Sopranos is provided by the Soprano Sites Tour. This guided tour will take the visitors to the places where Tony Soprano and his mob hang out. A comfy bus will take the audience through NYC and Jersey to visit all the most important sights of the series. The tour is guided by the supporting actors from the show and thus some of the inside facts and behind the scene images will be revealed! Moreover, it is possible to have dinner in “Little Italy”.

Soprano Sites Tour is an amazing opportunity to get a touch of the inside of the show and to see the most recognisable sites from the Sopranos.

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year-round Sat 10 a.m.


7th Avenue and 39th Street Bus Stop
Address of 7th Avenue and 39th Street Bus Stop
between 7th Ave and 38th St, New York, NY 10018
Closest subway
 Times Sq 42Nd St

Additional information

Tour type
  • Bus
  • City tour
  • Thematic
47$ + 2$ fee
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