“The Phantom of the Opera” Musical

Since the first production in 1988, The Phantom of the Opera musical never fails to make us live through the life of the main characters and share their dreams, fears, struggles and passions.

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The Phantom of the Opera musical is one of the most famous and spectacular shows of all time! Its tragic and romantic story keeps you in awe from the first to the last seconds, no matter how many times you might have seen it.

The breathtaking decorations unfold the opera theater, where the mysterious Phantom of the Opera lives, creates genius music, terrors the owners and cast, and falls in love with innocent and charming Christine, an orphan girl from the choir, whom he is determined to make the leading star of the theater.

This musical masterpiece and Tony Award Winner is the longest running Broadway musical, and the bets are being taken on whether it will make it to its 30th anniversary in 2018. With more than ten thousand performances and never-ceasing interest of the audience, it's not hard to imagine that we will have years and years of this musical on stage.

Opening night: January 2, 1988
Open run:

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When was it?

January 2, 1998 – February 11, 2017 Mon, Wed–Sat 8 p.m.
Tue 7 p.m.
Thu, Sat 2 p.m.

Where was it?

Address of Majestic Theatre
247 West 44th Street New York, NY

Additional information

Theater genre
  • Musical
$29 – $307
  Published ID129427

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