20 Best Bars in NYC with Fireplaces

What can be better than getting all cozy, comfy, and warm on a freezing winter night? Let the weather snow you in one of the NYC’s bars with a fireplace — it's going to make a cold season much more friendly and kind. Various beverages, delicious food and, of course, the welcoming atmosphere that will melt all the chill in no time.


#1. Black Mountain Wine House

It's definitely a place for wine lovers, which is kind of obvious from this spot's name. Black Mountain Wine House provides you with a dreamy and unwinding atmosphere as well as the excellent selection of beverages and nice fare. The bar's wine list contains more than thirty various options including some high class features. Aside from the wine there is a wide range of crafted beer. The bar's weekly changing food menu offers some delicious options including desserts.

 415 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

#2. Shoolbred's

The atmosphere of this place wins more and more devoted customers. A perfect choice for a quite chat with over a drink with a friend — just what you might need after a day full of work and worry. Happy Hour everyday until 8 pm offers two drinks for one. Snuggle into leather armchair and forget about everything in the world, Shoolbred's will provide you with a safe heaven. Fireplace is an added bonus, even though it might take time to get free seats over there.

 197 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

#3. Harlem Public

Another pleasant surprise for those who enjoy a night out in an animated place. Harlem Public is always buzzing and bustling with energy. Bring your friends and have a great time here — the place offers a wide range of crafted beers along with various cocktails. Grab a sandwich during lunch break or make yourself comfortable around the fireplace. Peanut butter burger and avocado fries are a must, you've been missing out if you haven't tried those yet.

 3612 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

#4. Draught 55

The beer menu might take a lot of time to just examine it — crafted, canned or bottled, this place offers almost endless list of beer to choose from. Take your time or ask for help, bartenders are friendly and well informed about types and flavors. During Crafty Hour from 8 to 9 you'll get any crafted beer for $5. The place is big and spacious which makes it perfect for any type of event from private date to a huge party. Stylish décor with wooden panels and barrels, leather couches, and a fireplace as a cherry on top.

 245 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022

#5. The Rose Bar

Rose Bar is a luxurious place to spend your winter evening at. Posh hand-crafted fireplace, designer furniture, artworks of famous artists of the 20th century on the walls — this place is definitely not a random next-door bar with cheap beer and pumping music. Scattered candlelights, heavy velvet drapes, comfortable armchairs create an ambiance of splendor and comfort. Find out what being a celebrity feels like, Rose Bar has seen a lot of those with A-list events after parties, music sessions, and other high-class occasions.

 2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010

#6. Hot Bird

Not into glamorous stuff? Want some old school open fire to chill out (or actually warm up) and talk over a beer? Then Hot Bird is definitely a way to go. Reasonable prices and good choice of tap beer are two absolute blessings of this place. A touch of vintage in décor reminds of hanging out in a garage in 60s, but don’t worry, everything is neat and spotless. Open fire outside will soak your clothes with smoke but give you amazing feeling of hitting a campfire with friends.

 546 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

#7. Tuffet

This adorable little place suits any potential purpose. Friends party, one-on-one date, business lunch or even wedding is possible here. Cute and lovely, it has two different spaces. Inside there are few small tables, and outside patio with airy summer furniture, open fireplace, and a bunch of fairy lights and vine leaves on the walls. Tuffet is proud with its cheese and meat plate which can be rarely found done right. A good selection of tap beer and fine wine, along with seasonal cocktails and coffee.

 286 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#8. Union Hall

A perfect place for those who like large spaces to hang out with friends while getting all comfy and enjoying a good beverage with some delicious food. Union Hall provides you with a wide selection of drinks and classic bar snacks to pair your beverage with, including pretzels, burgers, special sandwiches, fries, wings, corn dogs, nachos, empanadas, and cheese plates. Aside from its nice menu and cozy atmosphere, the bar offers a big library, indoor bocce courts, and various music and comedy live performances to enjoy.

 702 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

#9. Bookmarks Lounge

A dreamy place for all the book lovers — with inspiring atmosphere, impressive views of the city, and literary-inspired menu. Get cozy in one of the armchairs by the fireplace and try some of the Bookmarks Lounge's special cocktails — do you fancy The Pulitzer, The Hemingway or Tequila Mockingbird? Yes, these are the actual bar's offers, as well as a wide range of various white, red and sparkling wines, beers, ciders, punches, different crafted cocktails, and sophisticated snacks to pair your beverage with.

 299 Madison Ave #14, New York, NY 10017

#10. The House

Banquet and private rooms, lounge, indoors and outdoors seating options and, of course, a fireplace — The House clearly serves any taste, from an intimate meeting to a big gathering, private parties included. Three floors of various comfortable spaces provide you with an opportunity to get all cozy despite your preferences. The bar offers different menus with a nice fare and a wide range of beverages — you can have brunch, lunch or dinner here. The House's selection of snacks and entrees outdoes the average bar's food options, so you will definitely enjoy your meal.

 121 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003

#11. LIC Bar

You can enjoy your beer or scotch in one of the most charismatic surroundings with a hundred years old history. The brick walls, tin ceiling, antique wooden bar, blazing fireplace — every detail of LIC Bar creates authentic atmosphere. Aside from the impressive interior, this place boasts a great friendly crowd that gathers here to chat while sipping a drink and enjoy one of the live music shows. The bar's event schedule is always busy with the local artists' performances.

 45-58 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101

#12. The Rookery

A stylish contemporary space with Brooklyn's friendly, relaxed, and charismatic vibes and an on point interior. The Rookery offers you everything fresh, clean and modern — with a cozy, down to earth atmosphere at the same time. You can enjoy a beer, glass of wine or a cocktail here. The bar's menu provides you with a nice selection of classic snacks as well as special brunch and pub grub options.

 425 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

#13. Art Bar

This place suits both joyful night and relaxing time as well. The Art Bar has a front space with a lively atmosphere and a back living room with a fireplace. A digital jukebox with tons of music tracks for your choice; as well as small exhibition with the artworks from the local artists are a good addition to the bar’s vibes. The Art Bar is ready to provide you with a delicious fare including vegetarian options and seasonal cocktails — the kitchen is always open till late so you won’t stay hungry here.

 52 8th Ave, New York, NY 10014

#14. Camp

The fireplace is essential for this bar. Every camp has it — and of course it’s a must for Camp too. A Brooklyn’s bar with a country vibes and a rustic interior — think of the wooden and red brick surroundings. The room’s decorated with trees, kayak, a deer’s head on the wall, and a fireplace. You can make s'mores and play board games with your friends while getting cozy, listening to some indie rock, and sipping a drink. There are also special karaoke and DJ’s nights weekly.

 179 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

#15. Clover Club

A low-key relaxed neighborhood bar appears to serve some high-class cocktails and fare. Clover Club is proudly spreading its Brooklyn vibes, helping you to get all cozy and comfy while savoring some really exquisite beverages and food. You can have a full brunch or dinner here or treat yourself with a delicious drink and some snacks. The bar has different menus for a brunch and evening options, with specifically curated cocktails and fare offers. The relaxing atmosphere is completed by live jazz performances that take place from time to time.

 210 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

#16. Brandy Library

This bar provides you with a quiet, decadent and very sophisticated atmosphere. Brandy Library boasts a rich selection of various drinks including special cocktails and rare spirits, as well as a wide range of beers, savory cuisine serving foie gras, crème brulee, chocolate pie, eclairs, and other goodies. The bar treats the spirits' department very seriously, having a library with books about beverages and offering a Spirit Sommeliers' service. Also this place maintains their special rules about quiet and well-mannered behavior and a 25 years old minimal drinking age for guests.

 25 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013

#17. Alewife NYC

Laid back and relaxed atmosphere, different comfortable spaces on two levels, great beverages selection, and traditional snacks and entrees — that’s the concept of this place. Alewife suits for chilling out and spending some quality time with your friends as well as the family. You can grab a bite to eat and enjoy the place’s cozy and warm atmosphere by the fireplace, or come here to watch a sports game, cheering with your mates and savoring a couple of delicious beverages from the bar’s long list.

 5-14 51st Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

#18. Le Barricou

This place provides you with warm atmosphere of French hospitality, reminding of a country family-owned bistro somewhere in France. The spirit is everywhere, from a stylish and comfy interior design to the menu. Le Barricou offers you a good selection of drinks including various craft cocktails, local beers, and wines from small producers. The food has a French twist — there are courses like Escargot, Coq Au Vin, and artisanal cheeses. But you will find steaks, pasta, and burgers in the menu as well.

 533 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#19. Black Rabbit Bar

A Greenpoint’s laid back bar with cinematic vibes, lovely atmosphere, and vintage design. Black Rabbit Bar is decorated with nineteenth century wooden floors, back yard, and a blazing fireplace to get all cozy. There are special booths called snugs with swinging saloon-styled doors and “please send me more drinks” buttons. If you’re looking for a fun night instead of an intimate atmosphere, there are weekly Nerd Alert trivia events. The bar’s menu can be considered a bit British with the options like rarebit and the Black List cocktail.

 91 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

#20. Molly's Shebeen

Cozy and comfy, this is the right place for those who appreciate traditions and authentic atmosphere. Molly’s is an Irish pub, with sawdust on the floor, natural wooden interior, low ceilings, and dark walls. Everything creates an intimate feeling of a place where you can sit and listen to the locals’ incredible stories. The log-burning fireplace works great for battling the cold weather and getting all warm and comfy while sipping your pint or munching something delicious from the Molly’s kitchen.

 287 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010
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