7 New Musicals on Broadway

Sometimes all you need is some music and a good laugh, and that's exactly what musicals are about. Here are the 7 musicals running on Broadway right now and waiting to give you just that.


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#1. Bright Star 6+

A Bluegrass retro musical. Two gifted people between two wars. Two wounded hearts, one mystery, one Bright Star. Renowned comedian and, as it appears, a banjo fan Steve Martin presents.

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#2. The Robber Bridegroom 12+

Meet Robin Hood in the American style. Based on Eudora Welty's short story, this musical production is a tale of love and adventures.

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#3. Southern Comfort

If you thought a group of transgender folks living in rural Georgia is weird enough and making a documentary about them is weirder, wait till you see this—a musical based on the film. It's bluegrass, too.

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#4. Waitress

A kind-hearted musical drama about a waitress, about life, about choice and important principles by Tony-awarded Diane Paulus.

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#5. She Loves Me

Witty, humorous, heartwarming and romantic, this production never fails to amaze the audience. She Loves Me celebrates Roundabout Theatre Company's 50th anniversary.

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#6. Disaster

This Broadway production is a funny tribute to the 1970s era with all characteristic features of the decade, and it's far from a disaster.

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#7. The Color Purple 8+
Jennifer Hudson's Broadway Debut

A Pulitzer-winning novel is coming alive as a musical on Broadway stage. “The Color Purple” is a story of courageous women who continue to inspire the audience, be it on pages, on screen, or on stage.

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