Brooklyn Restaurants with Traditional American Cuisine

What does ‘American cuisine’ mean? Is it just a bar/café/restaurant with burgers and steaks, where you can come to pass your break or your free time? Surely not. American cuisine is full of coziness and warmth, it can’t do without necessary ambience and...of course, without burgers and steaks, but prepared with love and great patience of maintenance all the brightest traditions and cooking secrets, which make this very cuisine so beloved in the whole world. Where can you try the best truly American dishes in Brooklyn? Here is a list for you.


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# 1. Bonnie's Grill

Juicy cheeseburgers and hamburgers, tasty wings and many other treats from the original American cuisine you can find right here. That’s a Brooklyn’ source of the best traditional ambiance with a long bar and habitual talks with your barman-friend while enjoying maddeningly good, truly American cuisine. You will surely come here again in again after falling in love with these amazing dishes.

 278 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

# 3. Jimmy’s Diner 0+

Come to visit Jimmy, he invites you for a dinner. Waffles, shakes, burgers, pies, different sandwiches and many other features, anything you want and everything you like in original American cuisine you can try and enjoy at Jimmy’s dinner. The chefs know perfectly here how to transform an ordinary food taking into a delightful journey. Warm ambiance and delicious food—American cuisine has never been more awesome!

 577 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#4. BrisketTown

That’s an agreeable place, a house of meat, a hand-made pie studio, your cozy venue among the American cuisine restaurants. Every member of a cooking team always does his best in their lovely craft: they prepare Central Texas-style BBQ classics. Absolutely stunning flavor, amazing taste and a pinch of American tradition that is so perfectly represented here—and you’re already in love with this place. We surely are.

 359 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#5. Dean Street

Dean Street had its debut in 2011, and after only some years of hospitable service it has become an appreciated source of traditional American food. Burgers, seasonal salads, famous deviled eggs and many other delightful dishes are fully in your disposition. Dean Street is a nice domestic atmosphere and home-made best examples of American cuisine.

 755 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

#6. Embers Steakhouse
Your place for great steaks since 1985

What’s the one of the most popular American food? The one that is directly associated with the United States and with New York? Of course, that’s a juicy fresh steak. Embers steak house is a part of a legend in a world of an original American cuisine. Adroit chefs create cooking masterpieces thus making you admire and enjoy the taste of steak dishes. This place is not to pass it by!

 9519 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

#7. The Grand Bar and Grill 21+

Here is the fount of local craft beers, draft wines, house burgers, steak frites and some exceptional creations by the chef of The Grand Bar and Grill. The bar was founded in 2013, but within a short period of time got the fame and became one of the most favorite places featuring the American cuisine. Inspired by a classic American bar, this place provides a quality food and drinks as well as a high-quality service. And, of course, a lovely ambience of a colorful tradition.

 647 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#8. Jack the Horse Tavern

Jack the Horse Tavern is an embodiment of an American tradition in serving a delicate food. This place is a result of 14 years of hard work, of inspiration, of patience and it is all about how to impress the visitors by presenting them a taste of traditions in a beautiful envelope. Great choice of truly American dishes, amazing experience, and pleasant atmosphere—this restaurant was created just to bring you some moments of delight and joy while tasting its stunning food.

 66 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

#9. Lodge

This place is a little breath of a nineteenth century featuring American dishes and wonderful comfort. The important point of this house is the fact that most of the ingredients are sourced from local hunters and farms. That provides quality and guaranty that the dishes you order here are totally fresh and natural. That explains as well a certain success of this restaurant. People come here to try the finest food of best American cooking traditions and to taste the perfectness.

 318 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#10. The Runner

This is a space full of comfort and loveliness, inspired by American cooking art. The main feature of The Runner is its natural wood fired oven, which is used to create astonishingly savory and flavorful dishes. That’s a breath of a sunny week-end’s BBQ tradition, of any other warm and cozy tradition, that brings joy and a pinch of pleasure in your every day. Amazing dishes of a high quality, an awesome decoration—everything in The Runner disposes you to come.

 458 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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