Top 7 Places to See Wildlife in NYC

In such a huge anthill as New York is, we are always missing some spaces of pure nature. But don’t worry, now you’re provided with all the necessary information about where to be delighted with amazing view on animals’ weekdays. New York City hides in its heart some wonderful points full of pretty representatives of the wildlife, which will be glad to make acquaintance with you.


#1. Bronx Zoo

Such a bright place the Bronx Zoo is: bears, lions, jungle inhabitants, reptiles, and many other species of animals are waiting for your visit there. Moreover, the Zoo proposes from time to time a great variety of activities, including a 4d theater, penguin feeding, educational master-classes for children, quests, and so on. A little reminder: you can get 10% off with an on-line reservation.

 2300 Southern Blvd. Bronx, NY 10460

#2. New York Aquarium

This place can be the best impression for everyone who is fond of ocean wildlife. Imagine a giant aquarium where you can observe the veritable life of fishes, sharks, dolphins, and other water animals. New York Aquarium organizes also an Aquatheater with trained fur seals, dolphins making a funny spectacle. Walrus, sea otters, and penguin feedings are authorized here as well. So if you wish to communicate a little with sea world inhabitants – you’re welcome!

 602 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

#3. Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo is probably one of the most famous and popular zoos in the whole world. Situated in the Central Park, featuring a great variety of different curious activities, this zoo has several points of wildlife, including Tisch Children’s Zoo, Tropic Zone, Central Garden & Sea Lion Pool, Temperate Territory, and some others.

 830 Fifth Ave. (southeast corner of Central Park) (5 Av/64 St) Manhattan, NY 10021

#4. Staten Island Zoo

Staten Island has its own corner of a vivid wildlife, where more than a thousand specimens live. Interesting to know, that this Zoo has grown up from an idea of creating a reptiles’ space, and now it’s one of the biggest and richest zoos in New York City. Featuring different spaces, including, of course, so-called Fear Zone swarming with lizards, alligators and snakes, the Staten Island Zoo attracts crowds of people, both adults and children every day.

 614 Broadway, Staten Island, NY 10310

#5. Prospect Park Zoo

Explore animal's lifestyle at Prospect Park Zoo participating in various activities. The zoo’s crew provides you a certain number of pretty exhibitions within which you can discover lots of curious things about your favorite animals. Along with other New York's zoos, the Prospect Park's one is a perfect place for your weekend with children as it’s a point of first revelation about the nature and plenty of amazing experiences.

#6. Queens Zoo

This Zoo is situated in the largest New York City's borough, maybe that’s why this zoo is one of the largest in the United States too: it covers 20 000 m2 of a territory occupied in 1964 by the World’s Fair. Here you can find more than 70 species of animals, as well as a huge cage with birds, designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller, such a gorgeous creation!

 53-51 111th St., Queens, NY 11368

#7. The New York Audubon Society

Established in 1996, the National Audubon Society supportive branch Audubon New York is encouraged to conserve and restore natural ecosystems. Birds and other wildlife may slumber securely now as their habitats are in safe as well as their lives. Lots of volunteers, many children among them, are occupied every day with providing necessary conditions for wildlife representatives, benefiting the biological diversity. You can decide to fully participate or just to be inspired by this full of selflessness place.

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