Bronx Park

One of the biggest in New York, Bronx Park has everything you need and want for a great time: from beautiful scenery to sports facilities to historical landmarks.

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If you’re looking for an out of town experience, you don’t have to actually get out of town. New York is famous for its urban parks. Central Park might be the one everybody’s heard of, but it’s certainly not the only one.

Bronx Park is home to Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden. The latter presents an impressive display of floral compositions, rare plants and more. Bronx Zoo is definitely worth a visit, too.

The land designated for the park was a late 19th-century acquisition. It was part of the initiative to create more green spaces in the city. Today, there are still a few remnants from the time when the land was privately owned, an old snuff mill, for example. The park also holds a souvenir from the Ice Age, the Rocking Stone, a huge cube that weighs about 30 tons.

Bronx Park is as much about active recreation, as it is about the history and beautiful sights. You will find the facilities to play football, soccer, handball, baseball and tennis; you can also go cycling in the park or bring the kids to enjoy the playgrounds. Or, if you feel like just hanging out, have a picnic with friends or bring a book.

Bronx Park is one of the hubs of social life of the city and a great weekend destination.

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Address of Bronx Park
Bronx, NY 10467
Closest subway
5), Bronx Park East (2

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