Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park

The Deno's Amusement Park was actually a wedding present for the owner's wife. The amusement park on Coney Island is the property of Constantinos Dionysios Vourderis though it is open for the public and can bring loads of joy for a fair price.

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Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park was purchased by Constantinos Dionysios Vourderis as a wedding gift to his wife. She loved the Ferris wheel and he wanted to show just how much he loves her by purchasing this amusement park in 1980's. Let's just say that the ownership of this resort made for an oversized wedding ring. This Ferris wheel the Wonder Wheel was next to the boardwalk before the Cyclone. Built in 1920 the place saw its glory years with lots of tourists and plenty of locals who came here to spend some quality time.

In the Wonder Wheel you can pick the red or blue cars for the adventurous or the stationary white ones. Although the owner, Deno, dies but the Vourderis family ran the business after him and took care of the 400.000 pounds landmark. The place houses 17 kids rides and 4 adult rides. Deno's son, Dennis who is now 54, has been working in the park since he was 9 years old and sees the place as a family business. Him and his brother also have their sons who help them out as the third generation is starting to take over the business.

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Address of Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park
3059 Denos Vourderis Place

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