Erie Basin Park

This park is a beautiful example of how past and present can be combined to create something new and amazing. Sometimes it’s easier to build a brand-new place than restore what’s left, but Erie Basin Park is a great exclusion.

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When the area along Brooklyn’s Erie Basin was purchased by IKEA, there was a condition according to which the area should be restored and accessible to the public. 6 years later Erie Basin Park has emerged, a beautiful place full of design and history.

Once one of the most important maritime sites where the ships were repaired, it was long ago abandoned and left with nothing but piles of robes, winches, and a dry dock. Now it is one of the most picturesque parks in NYC with almost a mile-long waterfront, an ideal place for walking and relaxation.

Crisscrossed lines emerge everywhere, reminding of the ship’s masts that used to cast shadows upon the yard. Whatever could be saved, was saved: four gantry cranes stand like monuments to the past, and blocks that used to stabilize the ships during the works are now engraved with the name of the repaired vessels. Solid benches complement the design, accentuating the place and its value to the history.

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Address of Erie Basin Park
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Closest subway
Smith 9Th Streets
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