Eugene O'Neill Theatre

Having its first born in 1925, the Forrest Theatre, renamed and best known as Eugene O'Neill Theatre, has become one of the Broadway's finest dramatic art shelters.

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The design of this place was created by Herbert J. Krapp, who was an honorable architect for almost all Shuberts' spaces. It was a part of a theatre-hotel complex, and only in some years, in 1959 the Theater obtained its new name and its new owner—Jujamcyn Theater Company.

It's at the same time cozy and chic place, which fully belongs to dramatic art. Best performances, amazing sights, incomparable ambiance, a troupe of talented actors—all this make the Eugene O'Neill Theater a worthy reservoir of best theatrical traditions.

Now we know that some of its performances deserved great awards, that proves well a big value of this place.

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Address of Eugene O'Neill Theatre
230, W 49th St, New York

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Show phone number
212 560 2197
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Part of
Jujamcyn Theatres Company
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