Gotham Comedy Club

If you go for a little laugh, be ready to get more than that! Gotham Comedy Club is a place to go for outstanding jokes, stand ups and humor. The legendary one, exactly.

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Gotham Comedy Club offers you a night both affordable and entertaining. A lot of great comedians that will make you laugh till aching jaws and bellies, incredible host and bright atmosphere—no wonder those who find this place come back again.

The venue is small, which is definitely a pro, the seating is always good and provides a great view from every point. If you sit close to the stage, be ready to become a part of the act! Two-drink minimum is a rule so don’t forget to bring your wallet. It's an easy to reach location set between 7th and 8th Avenues so you won’t waste your time wandering around.

Comedy stars and aspiring artists, new talents shows, spectacular, brilliant and witty stand-ups. If you need a night full of jokes and laughter, come to the Gotham Comedy Club.

One day you could even see yourself standing on this very stage: Gotham Comedy Club offers a Stand-Up Comedy Class so you could learn the art of stand-up comedy from the finest in this industry.

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Address of Gotham Comedy Club
208 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Closest subway
23 St

Additional information

Show phone number
212 367 9000
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