Gramercy Park

Apart from a neighborhood that is also referred to Gramercy, Gramercy Park is a small and intimate outdoor area located in the Historic District.

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Gramercy Park is among two NYC’s fenced-in private parks. It means that it is available only for people who reside around and have a key. They pay an annual fee for visiting this place. The park is not available for general public admission as a rule.

The venue creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It is located in the Historic District that was opened in 1966 and got many positive reviews from the press. Gramercy Park has also a great historic value, as it has remained practically unchanged for more than 8 decades for now.

Various sidewalks around the park are perfect for morning or evening jogging. The location is perfect as the venue is surrounded by a set of restaurants, cafes, malls, shops and hotels including huge trading centers as Irving Place and Gramercy Park Hotel.

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Address of Gramercy Park
15 Gramercy Park S, New York, NY 10003
Closest subway
23Rd Street (6)
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