The House of Death

Occupied by 22 spirits of its previous residents, the House of Death in Greenwich Village is widely believed to be one of the most haunted spots in the New York City today.

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It is probably one of the most picturesque areas in the New York City, but as we all know, there is always a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. Down the 14 West 10th Street, the House of Death is situated and haunts the citizens, even the most audacious. The point is that this place is a shelter for at least 22 ghosts, including the most famous of Mark Twain.

The House was built in the 1850s and during a long time served as a home for the New York's elite, like Mrs. James Boorman Johnston with her husband, a founding member of the Broadway Underground Railroad and the Metropolitan Underground Railroad. Jan Bryant Bartell with her husband lived here some years later, as well as Joel Steinberg, a real monster accused of manslaughter of his adopted daughter.

Spirits of all the residents have settled there for a little bit longer than their owners, so, obviously, the history of the House of Death explains the name of the place.

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Address of The House of Death
14 West 10th Street, NY 10011
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