Littlefield Art Space

This art and performance center provides a perfect set-up for just about any kind of event.

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Littlefield is a nice intimate venue tucked away in a less popular area of Brooklyn. The absence of crowds is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Gowanus may well be the next Brooklyn neighborhood to attract hipsters’ attention. Places like Littlefield certainly do not hurt the general atmosphere. The space housed in a converted industrial building is quite atmospheric, a nice transition from a grimy past into the clean future.

This art space prides itself on the diversity of their program, and rightfully so. Littlefield is a chameleon: it adapts well to any kind of performer. They accommodate everyone, from jazz to rock. Littlefield is also known for throwing the coolest dance parties.

Littlefield serves drinks to its guests (not very expensive, so great for those of us on the budget) and snacks. The venue is relatively little known, so if you like the idea of a secret place that you can share with your closest friends, be sure to swing by before it takes off.

The space is mostly open for events, so you'll have to check their calendar before you go.

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Address of Littlefield Art Space
622 Degraw Street, NY
Closest subway
Union St (R)
200-1000 pers.

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Current Events at Littlefield Art Space

Night Train with Wyatt Cenac

Feat. Aparna Nancherla, Joyelle Johnson and more

$5 – $8

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