Manhattan Murder Well

Just a nice bistro by the look of it...but there is a horrible story at the back of this mysterious place. Manhattan Bistro has something hidden behind.

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Manhattan Bistro is now closed forever, but there was a time when people came there for a glass of wine or a juicy steak frites. The SoHo restaurant could probably always be one of those pretty New York City's gastro venues, serving delicious food, drinks and atmosphere, but the history decided differently and turned Manhattan Bistro into a haunted horrendous place.

The point is in one ghastly murder, not very famous, but which made a certain splash: on the 2nd of January 1800, the body of Gulielma Sands was found in the Manhattan Well, strangled and dumped in. Nothing special. Just one disgusting foul play, which made the Manhattan Bistro and its well a historic point, where the spirit of a low act still attracts visitors to see the scene of the crime.

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Address of Manhattan Murder Well
129 Spring St, New York, NY 10012
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