The New York Audubon Society

If there is somewhere a paradisiacal shelter for birds, that's surely The New York Audubon Society, whose meaning of existence is just in protecting these wonderful nature creations.

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How many people are there in America and in the whole world, who are ready to help wildlife exist in a comfortable condition of their own free will? Apparently, it was enough, as The National Audubon Society was once created and since that time it has already expanded its influence over all the United States.

Actually the idea of setting up a non-profit organization which activity is dedicated to help and assistance in everything concerning the conservation of the environment and wildlife first appeared in 1886 when an American editor George Bird Grinnell witnessed a mass birds slaughter. Thus, it had its start: in honor of John James Audubon, a Franco-American ornithologist the society was finally established in 1905.

Today the Audubon counts a great number of volunteers, members and other staff of those who aims to help to protect the environment.

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Address of The New York Audubon Society
71 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

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