Hudson River Park

This strip of park is right next to the waterfront. Admire the beauty of the Hudson River from the park that bears the very name.

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New York has many advantages for the locals the fact that is situated next to the ocean it means a great deal when it comes to both trading and outdoor activities. Due to its positioning, the city has islands, recreation summer spots like Coney Island and many parks and waterfront green oasis. For instance, the Hudson River is one of those natural attractions that gather thousands of visitors per year.

If you want to go to a park that has a great view of the Hudson river then you can visit the park that bears the very name of the river. This strip of waterfront oasis stretches from Battery park, yet another famous recreation space to the 59th Street. You can take a walk here ride a bike, skate or simply gaze at the river and at the New Jersey skyline. This park is just like many others with benches, flowers, piers trees, and youth sports programs.

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Address of Hudson River Park
Battery Park City to 59th St Chelsea, New York
Closest subway
1 To Rector St, Chambers St, Franklin St

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