Ray's Candy Store

Ray's Candy Store is a real treasure: a tiny ice-cream and fast food spot with quirky design and a definite personal touch, it has long become a local mainstay.

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Ray’s Candy Store may not look like much. In fact, you may have passed it multiple times on your way to shinier Lower East Side destinations. If so, it’s time to stop by: part of any city’s attraction is finding the little gems which are just the right mix of history, charm, and food quality.

Ray’s Candy Store has been around since 1974. Operated by Ray Alvarez, it specializes in ice-cream and fast food. The very reasonable prices should factor into the attraction formula: getting a snack here feels like a steal. To the older New Yorkers it is a trip down the memory lane, to the younger ones it is a time machine experience.

Ray Alvarez had to work hard after coming to New York before he saved up enough money to open his own place. The fact that it has lasted almost four decades is a testament to the owner’s tenacity. Stop by and you may end up being served by Ray himself: yes, he is still working at the shop and going stronger than ever.

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Address of Ray's Candy Store
113 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009
Closest subway
St Marks Pl Av A

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Working hours
every day around the clock
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