Sara D. Roosevelt Park

Refreshing and beautiful, this open space is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the NYC concrete jungle. Welcome to Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

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Splashes of green, sports activities, places for walks, playgrounds—Sara D. Roosevelt Park is one the most popular places in the neighborhood. It's the biggest open space in Manhattan's Lower East Side, where you can enjoy the warm weather, play with kids, do some sports, and connect with nature. The park provides you with an opportunity to relax—one of the most important things in the buzzing NYC.

Sara D. Roosevelt Park is very popular among local kids and teens—there are many excellent playgrounds where your little ones can have fun, a rink for roller skating, sports grounds, and a specially created synthetic soccer field for already not-so-little ones. The park is also a perfect space for senior people to relax and have a good rest. You can also visit a vendor's market and enjoy various artists' creations and works. Whatever you do Sara D. Roosevelt Park is a good destination to brighten up your day.

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Address of Sara D. Roosevelt Park
30 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002
Closest subway
Bowery J, D, Z Grand St B

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