Williamsbridge Oval

A perfect place for leisure, playing with kids and doing some sports. Williamsbridge Oval will provide you with a breath of fresh air and loads of fun activities.

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Opened nearly eight decades ago, Williamsbridge Oval still delights its visitors and provides them with plenty of fun. This playground is popular with New Yorkers of different ages, from little kids to adults.

The playground is an ideal place for doing sports, training and playing games. There are many facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, soccer and football fields, bocce and volleyball courts and running tracks. Your little ones can have fun at one of the Williamsbridge Oval's playgrounds with modern colorful equipment and special safe surface.

The area is good for relaxing as well. It's a popular dog-walking space, and also the place has several free Wi-Fi spots for those who can't live a second without being connected to the global web. If you're hungry there are some nice eateries at the Williamsbridge Oval, so everyone can enjoy their walk and meal.

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Address of Williamsbridge Oval
Van Cortlandt Ave. East, Resevoir Oval E, Bronx, NY
Closest subway
Norwood 205Th Street

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