Zuccotti Park

A little green oasis in the always busy New York City, Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan is a good place to relax and enjoy a wonderful day out in the open.

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Surrounded by the skyscrapers and other attributes of a hectic business life of never-stopping New York, Zuccotti Park brings some fresh air and relaxing atmosphere to the city’s district. Visit it to have a nice time and admire NYC unique vibes.

The park is popular with tourists, financial workers and businessmen taking a break from their schedule, and all New Yorkers who want to have a breath of fresh air. Zuccotti Park is a proud winner of Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design.

The park boasts a great landscape with various trees, granite sidewalks for strolling, tables and benches, which are perfect for a picnic. It’s beautifully illuminated with built-in lights. The view is really spectacular, especially at night.

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Address of Zuccotti Park
1 Liberty Plaza, New York, NY 10006
Closest subway
Cortlandt Street, Wall Street
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